Department of Mechanical Engineering

Student exchange programme

The Department of Mechanical Engineering’s student exchange programme with universities including the United States, Germany, Holland and France allowing students to follow study and project activities similar to our students.

Procedure for admission

The student should submit an application (usually by e-mail) together with a copy of their curriculum vitae, academic record (i.e. subjects studied and grades), and an endorsement from the universities Head of Department (or equivalent in their parent institution) agreeing to, or recommending their exchange studies in New Zealand. Normally, the student can apply under one of the following two categories :


a) Coursework as formally enrolled student at The University of Auckland

A student wishing to enrol at The University of Auckland for some papers (individual courses), and/or undertake to do a research project as a formally enrolled student should apply under this category, proposing the intended area of their research project. The duration of such visits should extend from a minimum of one semester up to a year or more. Under this category, the student is required to pay the tuition fees as determined by The University of Auckland for each course that the student wants to undertake. Special conditions apply in cases where there is a formal co-operation agreement between The University of Auckland and the student’s home university.

The enrolment process for this category is handled by the University administration. Further information on this is available in our international students area. Links to useful information such as course selection, timetables and important dates are also available. Please read all this information carefully and follow the advice given on these pages before applying in order to ensure an efficient enrolment process.

b) Research Project or Practical Work Experience (Internship)

This category suits those students who want to do their research project or practical work training (internship) at The University of Auckland while remaining enrolled at their home university. Note that generally a minimum period of four months (in some cases six months) applies for this option. Such students are not enrolled for course work at The University of Auckland, but will be provided with a work contract as an Honorary (i.e. unpaid) Research Assistant in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. With this contract the New Zealand Immigration Service issues a work permit for the duration of the project. Students generally will be required to pay a fee of NZ$300 for the use of laboratory resources during their project. This fee is waived if the student’s work is directly related to the development of teaching and research resources within a laboratory.

The appointment as an Honorary Research Assistant in the department also enables these students to use University facilities such as the library and University computing resources. Students are required to work on their research project in the nominated laboratory of the department under the direct supervision of a staff member related to that laboratory. Students under practical work experience scheme will be required to write a report in English on their project in New Zealand and submit it to their supervisor in Auckland before they leave The University of Auckland.

The department assesses each application for an internship on the basis of the candidate’s merits, resources of the department and availability of a staff member in the desired research area in a particular year. The department takes a decision on each applicant and informs them as soon as possible. The successful candidates are extended a letter of invitation for them to approach the nearest New Zealand Embassy to get the required work permit.

If accepted, the student will take up a research project with a staff member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering in an area of interest to them. The project must be compatible with the research activities of the department and must be completed within the time span of the student’s stay at The University of Auckland. The research work may include aspects of design, development, fabrication, analysis, modelling, performance assessment and application. The students are expected to perform the research to international publishable standards and are encouraged to write collaborative research papers with their supervisor during their stay in New Zealand.

Students are required to submit their research work in the form of a report or thesis in English to the department which is assessed/examined in accordance with the guidelines of The University of Auckland. The report or thesis may also count towards a student’s degree in their home country. Students are also expected to give a research seminar (in English) on their research during their stay in the department.

Visiting students require a significant commitment from the department in terms of staff time and the provision of facilities. In return, it is expected that supervisors have the right to publish research results in collaboration with their students. Students should also expect that a copy of any report or thesis is required for deposit in the University library.

The department does not provide any financial support in terms of airfares or cost-of-living expenses and, therefore, all students are expected to be self-reliant during their stay in New Zealand and to make their own arrangements for living. The students are advised to budget at least around NZ$200 to NZ$250 per week for their living expenses in Auckland.

With certain restrictions, all visiting students will have access to the necessary departmental and school facilities (e.g. laboratory, computers, e-mail, workshop and library). It is expected that the exchange students will participate in, and contribute to, the research, teaching, and social activities of the department.

For further enquiries or applications please contact:

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