Department of Mechanical Engineering

Why study Mechatronics Engineering?

Mechatronics engineers design or select sensors and actuators, develop control algorithms and use or develop advanced functional materials for the design of mechanical systems such as chassis stabilising systems, anti-lock brakes, engine control units, disk drives, cameras, service and surgical robots and artificial hearts.

Very often mechatronics engineers are generalists rather than specialists.

What are the career opportunities?

Mechatronics engineering has become an internationally recognised discipline with degree programmes offered in Japan, the United States of America, Europe and Australia. There are many opportunities for mechatronics graduates.

The desire for a high-tech, knowledge-based economy that has recently been expressed. A recent survey of our mechatronics graduates and companies employing our graduates indicated strong support for the degree. Mechatronics engineers are employed in a wide range of jobs in design, improvement, implementation and maintenance of high-tech products, services and processes in mechanical, electronic and computer-related businesses.

With the multi-disciplinary nature of mechatronics engineering it is anticipated that mechatronics engineers will have excellent opportunities and progress quickly to jobs with greater responsibilities.

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