Department of Mechanical Engineering

BE (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Engineers must not only have a good understanding of the engineering sciences, but also be able to communicate effectively and to apply their knowledge and experience to new problems.

Students take compulsory courses in several core areas.

  • One area covers the relevant engineering sciences – mechanics, mathematics, dynamics, fluids, heat transfer, thermodynamics, industrial engineering, control systems, solid mechanics and materials.
  • A second area based on design teaching applies these sciences to practical problems.
  • A third area covers essential aspects of professional engineering such as economics, management and sustainability issues.

In addition to these core areas, students have the opportunity to specialise in their final year by selecting a number of elective courses.

A particular feature of our specialisation is the strong emphasis given to design and project work, in which students acquire the ability to apply their knowledge to the development of new products and develop skills in teamwork and communication.

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