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The Part IV research project is a learning exercise in which you will tackle a significant problem, not too different from many that might be encountered in subsequent professional life.

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The Part IV research project provides an opportunity for students to work under supervision, largely on their own initiative, on some particular topic of interest in Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronics.

It counts as two courses (a total of 30 points), one in each semester. Work takes place over a complete academic year requiring you to enrol in MECHENG 700A and 700B courses (for both Mechanical and Mechatronics students).

The aims of the project are to undertake problem formulation, management and solution; to acquire technical, personal and professional competencies; and to learn and practice communication skills. Your performance will be assessed on how well you have achieved these aims.

While you will be working in groups of two under the direction and continuing guidance of a project supervisor, the Part IV research project requires independent thought and action. We hope that you will feel a personal sense of achievement by the end of your project.

The project can also be seen within a professional context where you, as an engineer, have to investigate a particular problem in some depth and produce both an analysis of the problem and its solution. The basis of the solution must include a formal report, a conference presentation and an industrial display. Some projects are primarily laboratory work, while others involve substantial liaison with local industry; and others may be more analytical or computational.

Work should occupy twelve timetable hours per week, plus a supervision hour. It extends from March through to early October. Each project topic is assigned to a pair of students who work as a team. However, the following elements of the project are separately assessed:

  • Mid-year progress report
  • Final report
  • Conference presentation
  • Quality of performance over the two semesters

Individual grades are awarded for the project.




Here you'll find sufficient information to meet your commitments with regard to the successful execution of the Part IV research project.

There are three parts to the process of obtaining a project:

  1. Find a project partner and enrol in both courses.
  2. Select and rank your team preferred projects (up to 5) and areas (up to 2) of interest.
  3. Wait for the project to be allocated and confirmed to start.

Part IV Projects System

The online system will be used to manage aspects of Part IV research project administration including submission of your project preferences, project allocation and possibly (when conditions allow) to marking, organisation of seminars and displays, as well as submission of your final report.






Dr Richard Lin
Senior Lecturer and Part IV Projects Coordinator
+64 9 923 4543