Department of Mechanical Engineering

PG Common Rooms

The ideal place for Engineering postgraduate students to meet, discuss classes and make social arrangements.

Location: 403.306



  • Kitchen with fridge and microwave
  • Tea and coffee making facilities
  • Tables and chairs
  • Sofas and couches


Kitchen supplies

Supplies are provided from the Level 12 Common Room. Write details of

what is required on a note and leave on the bench in kitchen on Level 12.


For service or maintenance needs, please send details in an email to


More locations


Room 403.602

Small room with microwave and sink available for postgraduates to use.

Engineering Science

Staff and postgraduate common room, Room 439.209 (Department

specific access only).

Auckland Bioengineering Institute

Postgraduate lunch room, Room 439.130 (Department specific access


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Postgraduate common room, Room 301.331.

Engineering Cafe

Level 3, Engineering Building, 20 Symonds Street and outdoor courtyard.

Strata Cafe

20% discount for PGSA members. Email membership requests to

Engineering Cafe, Level 3 of the Engineering building on City Campus
Students having lunch at the postgraduate common room
Postgraduate common room