Department of Mechanical Engineering

Microfabrication lab

Our microfabrication lab is used to support research in smart materials and microtechnologies.


  • Parylene coater
  • Thermal evaporator
  • Dektak profilometer
  • Oxygen and Ozone plasma cleaning system
  • Ovens and high temperature furnace (1200 C)
  • Critical point dryer
  • Glove box for environment sensitive materials
  • High precision electrical measurement systems
  • Nano-positioner and prober
  • Photolithography set-up (including spin coater, UV exposure system)
  • RIE etcher
  • Specialised printers – micro-reactive printer, 5-axes printer and extrusion printer
  • Other supporting equipment

For use of equipment and any enquiries, contact Associate Professor Kean C. Aw or Dinesh Mathur (technician).