Department of Mechanical Engineering

Industrial solutions

The focus of this area is to provide industrial solutions for industrial organisations.


Recent projects include the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for automatic under-canopy surveying and above-canopy sampling, in collaboration with a forest research institution. A soft XY machine table, a patented invention, is also being developed for simultaneous multiple-object manipulation, and for sorting of animal offal, with Callaghan Innovation. A series of robots have been developed as industrial instruments for analysis of food texture change during the chewing process and one robot is commercially available.


Past projects have included:

  • Energy sensing and predictive control for a medical humidifier (Fisher & Paykel Healthcare)
  • Remote control of swimming pool (Aquanaut Swimming School)
  • Feasibility study of a PC-based automatic crystal bar alignment system (Rakon Ltd)
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of combined climatic and mechanical accelerated testing on waterproof enclosures (Navman Ltd)
  • Characterisation of hsg–7000 low–k dielectric (Hitachi Chemicals)
  • Review and improvement of warehouse system for JIT implementation (Navman Ltd)
  • Development of PC multimedia card-based vibration controller and improvement of vibration test techniques for new product validation (Navman Ltd)
  • PID tuning algorithms (Kinetic Ltd)
  • A STEP-standard based mould/tool design and manufacturing knowledge base (PDL Industrial Ltd)
  • Development of an internet-based product information system (PDL Industrial Ltd)
  • Production management (Macpac Wilderness Company)
  • A QFD method-based production definition system (PDL Industrial Ltd)
  • A vision-based defect inspection system (Huhtamaki Ltd)
  • Computer-aided rapid product development (Rakon, Gallagher, Motion Design Ltd)





Undergraduate Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) courses available at the University of Auckland and relevant to the field mechatronics include:


Part II

  • MECHENG 270 Software Design

Part III

  • MECHENG 312 Sensors and Actuators
  • MECHENG 313 Real Time Software Design
  • MECHENG 370 Analog Circuit Design
  • MECHENG 371 Digital Circuit Design

Part IV

  • MECHENG 705 Mechatronics Systems
  • MECHENG 706 Mechatronics Design
  • MECHENG 709 Industrial Automation


Summary information for all stage courses is available on our course details page.