Department of Mechanical Engineering

IIMS people and expertise

The IIMS team

Professor Xun Xu (Team Leader)

Dr Ray Y. Zhong

Professor Shane Xie

Professor Peter Xu
Sarath Pathirana
Ehsan Amiri Tehranizadeh
Affiliated staff

Associate Professor Bruce Macdonald

Associate Professor Partha S. Roop
Dr Robert Blache
Dr Xinfeng Ye
Postdoc students

Dr Yongkui Liu

Cloud manufacturing enterprise modelling; dynamic resource service scheduling in cloud manufacturing; Industry 4.0

Dr Jenny Xu

Dual-resource constrained scheduling systems

Current PhD students

Zhiqiang Sang

STEP-NC Enabled Intelligent Machining

Yuqian Lu

Design of a hybrid cloud manufacturing environment for rapid production of personalised products

Shiqiang Yu

Product configuration design for high customisation freedom degree

Pai Zheng

Product conceptual design for mass customisation and personalisation in OKP companies

Yuanbin Wang

A cloud-based design for additive manufacturing platform

Chao Liu

Cyber-Physical machine tools for smart manufacturing

Rivai Wardhani

Model-based design and manufacturing 

Khamdi Mubarok

Cloud manufacturing for the modern industry - an Industrie 4.0 perspective

Chong Deng*

Soft-bodied Peristaltic XY machine table

Khairul Affendy Md Nor*

Active and adaptive control of noise transmission in structures

Jingchao Jiang Design for 3D printing
Yuan Lin Implementation of Augmented Reality in machining processes
Visiting PhD students

YuanYuan Zhao

Ontology for Cloud-based manufacturing

Chunyang Yu

PRSS-based production control in Cloud manufacturing

Honghui Wang

Research on design method of CNC machining energy consumption knowledge platform based on ontology

Ke Wang

A CNC system based on real-time Ethernet and Windows NT

Terry Zhang

Web-based machining simulation

Alireza Mokhtar Feature interactions for prismatic parts in STEP-NC
PhD graduates

Tao Peng

A novel approach towards energy-efficient machining

Anna Lin Knowledge management technologies to support product development in medium-sized high technology enterprises
April Li Enabling technology for rapid development of high value-added customised products
Aini Zuhra Abdul Kadir A novel approach towards high-fidelity machining simulation
Daniel Stevenson Development of novel hearing technologies
Jenny Xu Dual-resource constrain scheduling systems
Xi Wang Development of an intelligent and interoperable manufacturing platform
Firman Ridwan STEP-NC enabled machine condition monitoring
Mohamad Bin Minhat Development of a STEP-NC controller
Yaoyao Fiona Zhao Intelligent machining with on-line inspection
Hongquiang Derek Wang New control strategy for CNC machines via STEP-NC
Visiting Scholars
Dr Tiegang Zang, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Dr Xuemin Gu, Northwestern University of Technology
Dr Zhongyi Mei, Beihang University
Dr Qiunan Meng, Dalian University of Technology
Dr Linzhen Zhou, Yancheng Institute of Technology
Dr Xiaofeng Xu, Zhejiang A&F University
Dr Wei Sun, Dalian University of Technology
Master of Engineering (thesis) students
Maximilian Schiller Smart visualisation for cyber-physical machine tools
Pruthvi Raj Veerla Improving the interoperability of CAD/CAM data
Simon Yuk-Lun Chan Optimisation in high-speed machining of hardened steel using Minimum Quantity Lubricant (MQL)
Qun Shao Industrial ontology for Cloud Manufacturing
Yin Zhang CAM data interoperability
Pingzeshi He Adaptive STEP-NC interpreter for feature-based machining on an EMCO mill
Bins Jo Pappachan STEP-NC feature-based EMCO mill
Horace Guo Computer aided quality function deployment for rapid development of customised products
Smit Shah (Hon) Web-based QFD system
M.P. Lankeshwara (Hon) STEP-NC enabled GibbsCAM
Salah Habeeb (Hon) STEP-compliant CNC Lathe
Fiona Zhao (Hon) Close-loop manufacturing
Michael Segetin (Hon) Flax fibre extraction and fibre-reinforced composites
Yanyan Wang Development of a manufacturing database for STEP-compliant collaborative CAPP system
Liqing Chen (Hon) Decision support system for product lifecycle costing
Jin Mao (Hon) STEP-compliant collaborative product development
Quiuliang He Integrating design and manufacturing via STEP-NC
Mahmood Ghadiri CAD-driven reverse engineering using STEP-NC
Hao Shen (Hon) Computerising scanned engineering documents
Michael Jou Development of a design-for-environment system
Dongbin Zheng Development of a smart enterprise
Tony Di-Jen Liu Development of a web-enabled PDM system
Yutian Brian Bai (Hon) Computerising scanned engineering documents
Internship and Masters (co-supervised international students)
Renaud Gardes XML-XSLT – A new way to transfer and visualise STEP-NC data (June 2002-January 2003)
Arnaud Gage Retrofit of the Lathe Hercus Pc200 and C++ machining interface (February-July 2003)
Michel Wagner CNC machining with STEP-NC(1) (August 2003-January 2004)
Nicholas Giraldon CNC machining with STEP-NC(2) (February to July 2004)
Hugo Bouyer ISO 14649 Interpreter (1) (Feburary-July 2005)
Sebastien Armando ISO 14649 Interpreter (2) (July-December 2005)
Mathieu Bravo STEP-NC EDITOR Version 1.0 (February-July 2006)
Andrien Mollier STEP-NC EDITOR 3D viewer (July-December 2006)
Christian Mose Development of a software application for STEP-NC (ISO 14649-10&11) data editing (July-December 2006)
Inigo Lazcanotegui Interactions in a STEP-NC prismatic features (February-July 2007)
Tobias Dipper Feature interactions in STEP-NC (February-July 2008)
Stéphane Grange Developmejnt of the STEP-NC processor (Feburary-July 2009)
Frederik Hertler Machining process planning considering feature interactions and tolerances (July-December 2009)
Jay Caunday Development of a web-based universal manufacturing data hub (February-July 2010)