Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dynamics and Control Laboratory

Provides equipment specifically required for creating structural dynamics and the active control of these structures.

Photograph of a research student in the dynamics and control laboratory

The facilities of the Dynamics and Control Laboratory support work in a range of areas. Specialist equipment includes a Polytec PSV 300 scanning laser vibrometer, a Dantec torsional laser vibrometer, and dSpace rapid control prototyping boards. Other equipment includes a range of accelerometers, force transducers, impact hammers, electrodynamic shakers, spectrum analysers and computer-based data acquisition equipment. Modelling, data acquisition, processing, and control are supported by Matlab®, LabVIEW® and dSpace® software.

This equipment is used in studies such as:

  • Control of autonomous vehicles, mobile robots, and wind turbines.
  • Control of non-linear systems.
  • Measurement, modelling and control of structural vibration.
  • Smart materials for sensing and actuation.
  • Structural health monitoring.
  • Energy harvesting.
  • Effects of uncertainty in vibration prediction and modelling.
  • Wave finite elements and mid-frequency methods.
  • Damping properties of granular materials.

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