Department of Mechanical Engineering

What is mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering uses the principles of energy, materials and mechanics to design and manufacture machines and devices as well as the creation of processes and systems that drive technology and industry.

Mechanical engineering is the innovative application of science and technology to the design, production and operation of mechanical devices, machinery and systems. Mechanical engineers are good at designing things, especially complex items like racing yachts, robots, sawmills and aeroplanes.

Mechanics, energy and heat, mathematics, engineering sciences, design and manufacturing form the foundation of mechanical engineering. Mechanics includes fluids, ranging from still water to hypersonic gases flowing around a space vehicle; it involves the motion of anything from a particle to a machine or complex structure.

They also design industrial machinery and processes, which make other things, such as paper mills or car assembly plants. Mechanical Engineering also involves the efficient use of energy in processes such as a heating system for a hospital or a refrigeration plant for food exports.